Inkwell provides discretionary portfolio management services to individuals and institutions such as retirement plans, trusts, estates, or charitable foundations.  These clients deposit funds into a custodian account (e.g., at a brokerage company such as Charles Schwab) and then sign over discretionary transaction authority of that account to Inkwell.  Inkwell does not take custody of client assets; it merely directs the clients’ custodian to buy or sell the securities that Inkwell selects.

Inkwell works with each client to determine a suitable allocation to the major investment asset classes: stocks, bonds, and cash. This allocation is based on the client’s specific situation, needs, and goals.  We then select the individual securities which will make up a client’s account. If a client wishes to restrict Inkwell’s ability to select securities (e.g., if a client does not wish to own the stock of a tobacco company), it may impose such restrictions at any time.  If these restrictions include owning particular securities in the client’s account, then that portion of the client’s account would be deemed to be “non-discretionary” with respect to our services.

Inkwell’s investment services are very basic in nature.  That is, we do not utilize the more exotic strategies of options, futures, commodities, shorting, technical analysis, or market timing. We merely buy and sell individual stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.